New Case Study Available: Learn how a targeted advertising campaign exceeded all expectations

Targeted Advertising


In an industry where quantifying results from digital advertising can be complex, Hyundai of St. Augustine and CDK set out to test and prove the best digital strategy for driving new vehicle sales. Through close collaboration, in-depth analysis and seamless execution, we were able to create and test different ideas—and in the process, uncovered insights that changed everything about how Hyundai of St. Augustine markets online.

Read the Hyundai of St. Augustine Case Study here or call your Digital Solutions Manager at 1-888-556-7114 to learn how the right digital advertising strategy can make your dealership the next success story.

Vehicle compare

Customers now have two ways to easily compare vehicles in your inventory – right within your website.
• Compare a single vehicle: On the Vehicle Search Results page, customers can “pin” a single vehicle to the top of the results page and compare that vehicle to others as they scroll down the list of results.
• Compare multiple vehicles: From that same Vehicle Search Results page, customers can select and compare up to three vehicles side-by-side in a new comparison window. There they can highlight differences and even save selected vehicles.


Give customers a new, easy way to search your inventory.

Install the new search bar up in your website header, and your customers can quickly search your inventory by typing in a few keywords, such as model name, year or even color. They’ll go right to matching inventory on a Vehicle Search Results page!


Window Sticker / 100K Warranty Program Updates

Hyundai Window Stickers were added earlier this year. This enhancement allowed an online shopper to view, save, and print the actual Hyundai Window Sticker.

Now, we have added a link to the window sticker and 10yr/100k warranty icons to the Vehicle Search Results in addition to the Vehicle Details Page – giving consumers the ability to access both icons from each page. The goal is to improve and simplify the customer experience.


HMA Window Sticker and Warranty



eprice Button

Your new ePrice button is now located on your Vehicle Search Results / Vehicle Details Page. This button will generate a popup form and serve similar functions as your “Get a Quote” form.  This feature launched for new vehicles only and inherits the overall design/color pallet of your individual siteeprice buttons.

What you need to know:

  • When an ePrice quote is submitted, the lead will route the same as the current ‘Contact Us’ form
  • You will need to enable the feature before going live
  • The title for the button shown on the Vehicle Search Results / Vehicle Details Page can be edited so you can remain compliant with any state advertising laws







Our Audience Management Package taps into the most under-utilized, undervalued profitability driver for your dealership— your audience. There’s a reason Amazon, Netflix and Google use sophisticated targeting technologies to manage their audiences and offer them a personalized web experience. Simply put, it works. CDK’s Audience Management Package unlocks that proven power of personalization for your dealership. It’s the only automotive website platform that’s smart enough to track individual shopper behavior on and off your site, learn from it and then deliver customized content to your visitors. You’ll get:

  • Our exclusive personalization technology that empowers your dealership to engage your most profitable audiences with the most relevant content
  • A uniquely personalized digital showroom for each individual shopper on any device at anytime that is proven to turn browsers into buyers
  • Suggestive selling – Entice cross shoppers to switch to your brand by dynamically serving the right models or comparable models that you want to move
  • Dynamic content served to in-market audiences that is based on a shopper’s behavior across a wide network of sites, such as 3rd party sites and Tier 1, 2 & 3 properties
  • Audience Insights – This is not heat mapping. These are real insights about the content, creative & page position that are working to engage & convert.
  • A customized consultation & strategy session driven by our team of digital marketing experts who work with you to execute a strategy that puts your dealership & brand in front of the most profitable audiences
  • Reputation Monitoring – Know what your audiences are saying about you on popular 3rd party review sites using our mobile app and integrated reputation dashboard

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new improvements to CDK’s digital marketing program

As Hyundai’s Digital Marketing Partner, it is our responsibility to provide you with the tools and resources that facilitate business growth.  It’s our goal to create a seamless and positive experience for you and your business and with that, we are making changes that focus solely on you and selling cars.

Each week, you will see a communication from CDK Global’s VP of Enterprise Solutions, Melissa McCann.  These communications will be posted here every Tuesday for your convenience. We look forward to moving the CDK Digital Marketing Program in the right direction.

WEEK 1: Introduction to the Hyundai Digital Marketing Program
WEEK 2: Learn More About Your Mobile Enhancements
WEEK 3: How to Maximize Your Website Features
WEEK 4: Leverage Your Dealership Specials with Inventory Tools
WEEK 5: Mobile Success and the Introduction of Reputation Management
WEEK 6: Reputation Management Webinar
WEEK 7: Customer Reviews and Managing Your Dealer Reputation
WEEK 8: Are You Managing Your Audiences?

Color Options

Our color palette is growing


Introducing all new website color palette options.  In response to dealer requests, we will be expanding dealer options from 7 color choices to 25 – including 10 dark background/white logo combinations, giving your dealers more options! Contact your ProCare Advocate or watch our demonstration video here.






Desktop to Mobile




Mobile website content continues to evolve! Your mobile experience has been transformed to provide consumers a seamless and engaged multi-screen experience across devises.  With the ability to display more relevant content that is optimized automatically for mobile devices, you can now manage your website using one single platform.  A multi-screen approach to website design requires a new approach to content.

Learn more about the new mobile experience here.

Re-introducing Hyundai Specials on your dealer website!

We are pleased to announce the re-introduction of OEM Specials for Hyundai, based on a revised incentive feed.

What’s different?

Hyundai’s Special Offers will now automatically display on vehicles in your inventory. The Special Offers page, where all OEM specials are aggregated, will not change.

What will it look like?

On the Vehicle Search Results page, the OEM specials will have a dedicated “Specials” callout. This includes a vehicle image, pricing banner and a “hover” box. On the Vehicle Details Page, the Specials are listed in the “Specials Box” under your pricing.



New Retail Shopping Experience

We are excited to announce a major new retail online shopping enhancement. This new inventory shopping experience was developed based on reviews of leading online shopping sites, in-market car shopper surveys, extensive focus group testing and of course, dealer feedback. This new shopping experience incorporates shopping tools consistent with customer’s retail expectations including shopping behaviors outside of the automotive category.

This new experience has delivered real world results including over 20% increase in vehicle searches and over 25% increase in vehicles viewed.**

The new retail shopping experience features:

New Shopping Tools

  • New vehicle save feature: Similar to real shopping cart functions which shoppers are familiar with
  • New ‘similar vehicles’ recommender showcasing additional vehicles from your inventory
  • Improved search filters & faster results


  • Larger images
  • Easy-to-read vehicle specs and features
  • Filter by color. The most important feature to shoppers, more so than price
  • New Hyundai Window Sticker PDF


If you’ve attended our Inventory Merchandising webinar or read the Inventory Shopping Experience Study ebook you know these enhancements follow best practice guidelines culled from continuous reviews of leading online shopping sites, in-market car shopper surveys, extensive focus group testing and of course, dealer feedback. If not, you can learn more now.

The enhanced inventory solution will be activated automatically by region over the next three weeks. No action is required on your part, your ProCare Advocate will migrate you to the new solution.

eBook: The 2014 Inventory Shopping Experience Study

The results are in. Find out what real in-market shoppers revealed about how they’re browsing your inventory online.

Download the Study

Webinar: 4 Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy Shoppers & Sabotage Your Inventory

Are you unknowingly alienating shoppers and sabotaging your inventory? Find out what it takes to design a shopping experience that sells cars.

Watch On Demand


Hyundai Window Stickers are also being added for vehicles manufactured in 2014. This enhancement allows an online shopper to view, save, and print the actual Hyundai Window Sticker.

At launch, you will see vehicle Window Stickers for vehicles manufactured in January and from mid-April on. All remaining vehicle Window Stickers will be posted by mid-May.

Should you have any questions or want to share feedback, please feel free to contact your ProCare Advocate at 1-888-778-7053.