Hyundai of St. Augustine

Andrew“While testing different ideas with varied results, we discovered that vehicles viewed by way of CDK advertising sold much faster than vehicles viewed through non-ad traffic. These insights that CDK brought to the table changed the way we viewed our digital strategy. We applied what we learned and focused on advertising campaigns that drive traffic to specific aging vehicles.”

Andrew DiFeo
Dealer Principal, Hyundai of St. Augustine
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Learn how Andrew DiFeo and Hyundai of St. Augustine Partnered with CDK to Maximize Digital Marketing ROI

In an industry where quantifying results from digital advertising can be complex, Andrew and CDK set out to test and prove the best digital strategy for driving new vehicle sales. Through close collaboration, in-depth analysis and seamless execution, we were able to create and test different ideas—and in the process, uncovered insights that changed everything about how Hyundai of St. Augustine markets online.



Yousef“I’ve been working with CDK for ten years and throughout that time, I have always found CDK to be the easiest and most user-friendly of all digital platforms. The way that CDK works with the manufacturer and incentives really helps our dealership promote consistency and honesty amongst consumers. How CDK and our dealership work together, makes us successful.  Our Account Advocates have always been awesome, friendly, accommodating and easy to work with; they come up with great ideas for our website.”

Yousef Altaher
General Sales Manager



Tom“At the end of the day, when you look at what CDK has to offer with website options, Account Advocate support, being in tune with the manufacturer, co-op eligibility and Google certification – it’s a no-brainer.”

Tom Hollingsworth
General Manager